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Gecko Music

Piano, Lounge, Chillout, Ambient Electronic Music

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Watch a virtual piano concert

Private or individual piano concerts via live stream.
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Get your unique recording

If you look for a unique relaxing sound recording for your yoga-classes or special gift for a friend or a personal song with your individual message incoporated.


Book of Voices

In this project I am working with spoken words from friends and other people. The songs are arranged around these phrases, to produce a very present harmony between words, emotions and melody.
Never Leave Miami

Stephen W. Reed from Miami ,Florida called me one day and his voice is a great background for Miami Rythmns and Lounge Music

Play the Piano

Lara spoke some phrases about her piano

I want to Sleep

Glen Tutty , a friend from London, sent me a phrase, after we had our annual summer gathering in Kronach.